Skip to 15:50 to hear the full dorian dad rock demo! Buy the Ultimate Modal Poster: Confused about Dorian? Watch my lesson here: There is an ERROR here at 13:48, the “bVI – bVII – I” chords are incorrectly labeled – should be “Bb – C – Dm. (thanks icanplaytehdrums)
Riffing with Modes part 1 (Ionian) found here:
Dorian is capable of way more than just jazz and funk. This video teaches how to write riffs with the Dorian mode, and also how to arrange those riffs into a full song. We explore a little bit of modal interchange, by borrowing from the parallel minor key, but mostly focus in on the 2nd mode.
Don’t take me too seriously when I say that dad rock isn’t “too complicated or insightful”. I’m generalizing, for better or for worse.
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Q: Why does your song sound like “Turn The Page”?
A: Because the chord progression for that song is the same- except it is in E dorian instead of D, and this song the chord changes every measure instead of every two. Also he sings the lyric “There I go”, and I sing the lyric “There he goes”
Q: Why does your song sound like Metallica?
A: Because I’m trying to sound like James Hetfield
Q: Why does your song sound like Bon Jovi’s “Wanted: Dead or Alive”?
A: Because it’s played on an acoustic guitar, the tonal center is D, and I bend the minor third into that twangin territory.
Q: Why does your song sound like Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love A Bad Name”?
A: Because of that big major IV chord in the prechorus that resolves to the tonic. It’s heard in the prechorus of both songs.
Q: Why does your song remind me of “Norweigan Wood” by the Beatles?
A: Because the pick-strumma-strumma in 6/8 is similar to the pick-strumma-strumma in that song.

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Not quite- my YouTube channel explores more advanced topics without explaining the prerequisites. 95% of the content in this course is totally unique and unexplored on my channel, and is taught in a linear fashion as to make sure you’re totally competent by the end. There are only two lessons that include cross over with my YouTube channel. However, after some lessons, you are directed to specific YouTube videos I’ve produced to help expand on your understanding of the previous topics and to help weave my channel in with the course.
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