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Hey everybody it’s me, Jake, and i’d like to fill you in on what’s going to be happening here on the singles music channel over the next few months. The exciting news is that I am working on a giant rhythm guitar course. It’s going to go over everything you could possibly want to know about keeping good time and playing good rhythm guitar because I personally think that one of the biggest differences between the amateur musician and the and the professional is mastering rhythm. If you have mastered rhythm then everything is easier. Playing live is easier, writing interesting music is easier, playing in the studio is easier.

A key component to going from shmo to pro is really mastering that rhythm grid but it can be a complex topic and a lot of teachers kind of avoid teaching it because it can be kind of a frustrating topic as well.

Now some of you know that in December, I finished my songwriting and music theory course. I’m selling that for $270 on my website but i gave it away to all of my Patreon subscribers for a name your own price scenario and what i’m really excited to share with you is that this entire rhythm course that i’m working on is going to be available to all of you at a name your own price system.

So whatever you’re comfortable paying for this course is what you’re going to
pay for this course. If all you can handle is zero dollars that’s fine with me. If you can handle a
million well that’s fine with me too.

Now this is a big deal, I’m gonna be spending hundreds of hours on this course and really putting my heart and soul into making the best product I possibly can make for you all so how can i give it away for free?
Well, the answer is i have something called patreon subscribers this is just a bunch of people a bunch of very generous people that have gone to my patreon and clicked a button to donate either one dollar a month or five dollars a month and sometimes fifty dollars or a hundred dollars a month because they believe in what I’m doing here and because of them i don’t have the same pressures that the average youtuber has.

It’s well known in the YouTube community that the youtube algorithm really
punishes creators who aren’t posting constantly who aren’t posting frequently on a schedule so this convinces a lot of youtubers to constantly post content whether they like it or not whether it’s good content or not whether they’re motivated to make that content or not.

I find that to be a pretty frustrating system to work within the revenue that I receive from patreon
means that i get to work on the projects that I actually believe are important and right now what i believe is actually important to work on is a free rhythm guitar course for everybody and there is no way i would possibly be able to spend hundreds of hours on something like this and give it away if it wasn’t for their support
so i really want to stress my appreciation for my patreon subscribers.If you do decide to pick up this course at a discount price you should probably show them some appreciation as well.

So how long is this going to take well I do suspect that i’ll have the course done by mid-august which means i think it’ll be accessible and available on my website by late august but until then it’s probably going to be pretty quiet here on the signals music channel.

I may post a few videos from my actual theory course here on the signals channel but if you’re
looking for more content from me there’s really going to be only two options for the next few months.
Option number one is to sign up to my patreon. You see every single week until this course is done i’m going to be doing live streams for just my patreon supporters. I do these quite a bit where people submit questions ahead of time and then i’ll answer them live and i can prepare different musical examples and we’ll even do live composing as part of that…. See video for more…

Jake Lizzio

After performing in highschool bands and talent shows, I began teaching during my Senior Year in highschool at Crystal Lake South in 2004.

I went on to teach at Piano Trends Music Company in Crystal Lake, and there I began expanding my skills outside of just the guitar and began performing for weddings and private events. After leaving to teach privately, I began recording my students and myself.

This hobby eventually turned into a profession after I acquired the experience and equipment needed to produce quality audio and music. My goal now is to provide the highest quality online music lessons available and within reach to all who are interested.

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Music Theory and Songwriting Course FAQs

Probably! Only about 15% of this course is dedicated to the guitar, while the remaining concepts are taught in a way that can easily be applied to any other instrument. However, since all the theory taught is viewed through the lens of the guitar, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you own a guitar before pursuing this course to finish.
This is not a course on guitar playing or technique, but on theory and songwriting. The only skills you are expected to know is how to read guitar tablature, and the absolute basics of guitar playing (how to fret a note, open chords, etc)
I can confidently say that this method of learning will be more effective and valuable for many types of students. Since there is no wasted time or filler, it is more time-efficient than real life lessons where the teacher or student can get distracted. The printable materials are of a higher quality than most private lessons. And the ability to replay a lesson over and over is invaluable for students struggling to understand difficult topics.
Not quite- my YouTube channel explores more advanced topics without explaining the prerequisites. 95% of the content in this course is totally unique and unexplored on my channel, and is taught in a linear fashion as to make sure you’re totally competent by the end. There are only two lessons that include cross over with my YouTube channel. However, after some lessons, Design and Develop by Inbox Technologyyou are directed to specific YouTube videos I’ve produced to help expand on your understanding of the previous topics and to help weave my channel in with the course.
Nope! Once purchased you’ll have access for life, including any additional lessons or worksheets that get added in over time.
Currently, no. But I am working on getting a physical version of the course made instead of digital-only. Stay tuned!
If you are not satisfied with the course content or accessibility, you may request a refund within 30 days of purchase.
The sale price of $200 will only be available during special holiday promotions. Sign up to my email list to know when the next sale begins.
Reach out to me directly on my email and let me know your situation, I might be able to help =)