Signals Rhythm Course


1 The Basics
2 Exercise – The Basics
3 Eighth Notes
4 Exercise – Eighth Notes
5 Accents
6 Downbeats Upbeats Syncopation
7 Exercise- Accents and Syncopation
8 Using The Hands
9 Palm Mutes
10 Upstrokes + Strumming Technique
11 Changing Chords Faster
12 The Rhythm Grid
13 Alternate Strumming Technique
14 Ties
15 Exercise – Ties
16 Dotted Notes
17 Exercise – Dotted Notes
18 Syncopated Chord Changes
19 Rests
20 Stacatto, Crescendo, Anacrusis
21 Exercise- Stacatto, Crescendo, Anacrusis
22 Arpeggios
23 Playing Off Chord Sheets
24 Exercise – Playing Off Chord Sheets
25 Playing off Chords + Lyrics
26 Rhythm For Lead Guitar
27 Sixteenth Notes
28 Using The Hands 2
29 Dotted Eighth Notes + Tresillo
30 Sixteenth Note Permutations
31 Barre Chords Tips + Advice
32 Muted Strums
33 Exercise- Funk Strumming
34 Exercise- Acoustic Guitar Strumming



The Signals Rhythm Training for Guitar Course covers everything a professional musician needs to know about rhythm, timing, vocalization, metric structure, and more. The course is 52 videos long, and includes over 40 PDF’s of information, instruction, and exercises.

I’m offering this course on the honor system. It is well worth the price of a college course, or many months of in-person lessons with a qualified instructor. However, I understand that not everyone can pay those prices. Please pay whatever price you can without financially stressing yourself.

If you enjoy this course, please consider buying my premium Theory and Songwriting course, which sells for $270. It was compiled in the same style as this course, but contains more content overall, including 9 hours of video, 90 PDFS, and multiple practice track mp3s. You can also show your support by buying the Ultimate Modal Poster, donating via Paypal/Bitcoin/Etc, or signing up to my Patreon.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy this course!

Music Theory and Songwriting Course FAQs

Probably! Only about 15% of this course is dedicated to the guitar, while the remaining concepts are taught in a way that can easily be applied to any other instrument. However, since all the theory taught is viewed through the lens of the guitar, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you own a guitar before pursuing this course to finish.
This is not a course on guitar playing or technique, but on theory and songwriting. The only skills you are expected to know is how to read guitar tablature, and the absolute basics of guitar playing (how to fret a note, open chords, etc)
I can confidently say that this method of learning will be more effective and valuable for many types of students. Since there is no wasted time or filler, it is more time-efficient than real life lessons where the teacher or student can get distracted. The printable materials are of a higher quality than most private lessons. And the ability to replay a lesson over and over is invaluable for students struggling to understand difficult topics.
Not quite- my YouTube channel explores more advanced topics without explaining the prerequisites. 95% of the content in this course is totally unique and unexplored on my channel, and is taught in a linear fashion as to make sure you’re totally competent by the end. There are only two lessons that include cross over with my YouTube channel. However, after some lessons, Design and Develop by Inbox Technologyyou are directed to specific YouTube videos I’ve produced to help expand on your understanding of the previous topics and to help weave my channel in with the course.
Nope! Once purchased you’ll have access for life, including any additional lessons or worksheets that get added in over time.
Currently, no. But I am working on getting a physical version of the course made instead of digital-only. Stay tuned!
If you are not satisfied with the course content or accessibility, you may request a refund within 30 days of purchase.
The sale price of $200 will only be available during special holiday promotions. Sign up to my email list to know when the next sale begins.
Reach out to me directly on my email and let me know your situation, I might be able to help =)