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Diminshed 7th chords aka Full Diminshed chords are symmetrical and any note can be considered the root note. They can resolve up a half step to a major chord or a minor chord (or down a whole step to a major or minor chord). Since there are 4 potential roots, this leaves us with 4 places we can modulate to from any given diminshed 7th chord. In this video I explain this concept, then demonstrate how I wrote a piece of music using this same principle.

I treated each new chord as a new key and played a unique scale over each chord. Over the diminished chord, I played the arpeggio or the half-whole scale on top. It turned into a rollercoaster of different tonalities, with each one crashing into the scene beligerantly to take over the spotlight.

One note on B double flat vs A :
A dim7 chord is constructed as root, b3, b5, bb7. We are supposed to respect the alphabet, and the 7th of C is B, the b7 is Bb, the bb7 is Bbb. I don’t find this to be very helpful in the context of this lesson so I ignored calling it by its proper name, likewise when I referred to the last note of Dº7 as B when it should be called Cb. It’s easier to figure out where to go next if we think of B, I do not find any atvantage to tying yourself into enharmonic knots in this secnario.

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Not quite- my YouTube channel explores more advanced topics without explaining the prerequisites. 95% of the content in this course is totally unique and unexplored on my channel, and is taught in a linear fashion as to make sure you’re totally competent by the end. There are only two lessons that include cross over with my YouTube channel. However, after some lessons, Design and Develop by Inbox Technologyyou are directed to specific YouTube videos I’ve produced to help expand on your understanding of the previous topics and to help weave my channel in with the course.
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