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My Patreon! https://bit.ly/2zFwzOO Hear the full section at 09:36 Beardstank: https://youtu.be/V4E_756Gttw A common trick of djent metal and prog bands is to play polymeters over 4/4 but truncate them. This results in grooving riffs that are easy to headbang too but also include layers of rhythmic complexity due to the odd time signatures inside. In this video I get some help from a drummer to craft a section of music that is all based around a simple 5/16 : 4/4 polymeter, adding in and removing layers of rhythm to create different sounds. I love writing with rhythm. Music is two parts- when, and what. Working with rhythm means you solved the "when" part, then it's an easy task to apply your melodic and harmonic knowledge to the rhythmic DNA of your new piece or song. Hope this video gets that point across!

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