Rhythm Lesson for Metal Guitar - Counting 16th note variations

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Hey, this is Jake. Welcome back to another lesson today. We're talking about sixteenth notes Rhythm and metal guitar riffs.

Essentially. Here's what you need to know one beat is the same thing as 1/4 note and you can subdivide that one beat into four sixteenth notes. All right, so this is what a sixteenth note looks like all on its own and this is what a sixteenth note rest looks like all on its own. So if we look at all of the possible combinations we can do that fit into one beat just using sixteenth notes and sixteenth note rests. There's 15 different combinations of of arrangements. We can use the 16th combination is just nothing but rests and that's not too interesting for for a guitar player. So what we're going to go through here today is every single one of these permutations of sixteenth notes. I'm going to start by counting it first and then I'm going to play it and count it and then I'm just going to play it two times. So every single one of these these permutations will happen four times for a full measure and what the point of this lesson is. So you can start getting familiar with the different varieties of sixteenth note Maneuvers that we hear also getting familiar with how they're counted and may be practicing Counting. Along, I think counting is an extremely important skill that I don't see enough guitar players practicing.

So hopefully as you hear me counting these rhythms as well it'll kind of inspire you to at least get the sound of the count in your head and also to start counting on your own. All right, before we get into it. There's just a few things you need to know.

These are written as rests.

But as a guitar player, you don't always have to rush them and actually for many of the parts of this I'm not going to do a full rest. I'm just going to leave that Space Blank. All right, and you do have an option as a metal player to actually do a rest there, but we're going to be doing with palm mute. It's which are essentially kind of rested already if I just do something like one and a two and a three and that's without doing a rest, but I could bring my left hand to do a rest like this one and it's a little more punchier, right? It's a little more staccato.

I wouldn't worry about that just yet get the hang of these first rhythmic patterns and then actually treat it like a rest once you've got the hang of it. Okay, so it's gonna be pretty intense. I'm going to start slow and if you think you already, you know familiar with the stuff just skip to the to the Astro part and test yourself out there's a few of these patterns that are so common. I'm going to give them names and I'm going to give you a little information about them as they show up on the screen and then there's a few other patterns that are pretty difficult to play and those ones will be awkward. And that's the whole point of this is to expose yourself to these new rhythms be familiar with the really really weird ones and more importantly what we're going to do is we're going to take a look at these in the next lesson I post on how do you write metal riffs using sixteenth notes and only sixteenth notes. So this will definitely get you prepared for that. And as a bonus, it's just a great exercise to go through this. Entire list of 16 and a permutation.

Alright, so I hope you enjoy this buckle up get your guitar out and start palm muting and one last thing before we get started you might hear. My tone is a little different. Well that is courtesy of giulio over at Zen Zero Electronics. He got ahold of me because he commented that my tone was a little lackluster.

So he provided me with this awesome distortion pedal called the hey boo. Hey boo, I believe and it's been working out great. I've been having a lot of fun with it. So thank you Julie. Oh if you're watching this and check out their website is n 0 Electronics one-e-and-a two-e-and-a.

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