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You can support these lessons at my Patreon: https://bit.ly/2zFwzOO This info is all found on my Ultimate Modal Poster: https://teespring.com/signals-ultimat... Pre-requisite videos: Scale degrees(https://bit.ly/2wVLiBA) and Major (https://bit.ly/2MVmKmd) The jam track I use in this video can be found here https://youtu.be/JFte7QHCC18 - It is available free to all of my Patreon subscribers. A special thank you to Linas Orentas and Marek Pawlowski for their generous support! The dorian mode is the 2nd mode of major, and for a long time I didn't really understand how to use dorian or what it was for. In this video, I want to teach you the basics behind how it's built, how it relates to major and minor, and also how to build its chords. From there we will take a look at some examples of the i-IV change and how different artists use it, as well as general musings on dorian as it relates to the guitar. https://www.twitter.com/signals_music https://www.facebook.com/signalsmusic... https://www.signalsmusicstudio.com Free online guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Located in Crystal Lake, Jake Lizzio provides free jam tracks and video lessons for guitar players, as well as music theory videos and other music education content.

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