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You can thank my Patreon supporters for making these videos possible! https://bit.ly/2zFwzOO Please use headphones or good speakers for this. It won't "work" if you're listening on your phone (you need bass!) This video demonstrates all 7 relative modes of the major scale, and how simply changing the tonal center can create modal harmony. Combine this perspective with this video https://youtu.be/bwaeBUYcO5o and you'll have two different but effective ways to think about modes. Thank you to Linas Orentas for his generous support on my Patreon page!https://www.twitter.com/signals_music https://www.facebook.com/signalsmusic... https://www.signalsmusicstudio.com Free online guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Located in Crystal Lake, Jake Lizzio provides free jam tracks and video lessons for guitar players, as well as music theory videos and other music education content.

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