Six Spooky Secrets Composers use to SCARE you

We all know that music has the ability to creep us out and make us feel uncomfortable. But many people underestimate how powerful music really is and making us feel creeped out during our favorite Halloween movies scary movies and videos rely.


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Tis the season to be spooky.

We all know that music has the ability to creep us out and make us feel uncomfortable. But many people underestimate how powerful music really is and making us feel creeped out during our favorite Halloween movies scary movies and videos rely. So heavily on scary music that without music it can completely dispel the creepy Vibe all together just like watching The Big Bang Theory with no laugh track reveals the fact that it's completely soulless and has no humor at all boy. Do I have to urinate music composers will use specific tricks to achieve this skin crawling feel that we often here. And in this video, we're going to look at six popular and surprisingly simple examples that you could try on your own our first method of spook that is Mos is to use minor seconds that is notes that are right next to each other. For example on a piano that tone z&f together form of minor second interval and this sound of notes being played a minor second apart creates a very dissonant and alarming tone. Something that can't really be heard without feeling uneasy minor seconds in the lower register create these Cloudy fog's of Base giving rise to the effect that something evil is lurking the most famous and oft cited example of a minor second being used in Theatrical film score is from the movie Jaws.

Next up is pitch bends that is to take a note and slide it slowly up or down from its root note pitch bending down on a brass instrument or a series of strings can create the feeling of loss and despair almost as if something dangerous or unexpected has just happened.

We hear this effect at the end of nearly every episode of Lost with trombones pitch bending down leaving us with a musical and narrative cliffhanger.

Pitch bending up however creates a slightly different effect of rising tension as if something bad is about to happen in film. This can proceed a climactic moment.

Now if we have two instruments sustaining the same note and one begins to pitch band Hopper down away from that note the two notes grow slowly Out Of Tune eventually forming a minor second, but then going even further Into Obscurity to a different realm of out of Tunis.

Something like this could be drawn out over time to create a long sequence of suspense or done quickly to create a stinger effect.

Third. We have unrelated minor chords. I think this is one of the easiest ways to write creepy Melodies and chord changes is to take minor chords that aren't associated with one another in a certain key and just string them together. Now, if you don't know if the chords are in a key or not, that's fine. You can literally just take random minor chords. Put them back to back and hear what happens as you play melodies on top by singing and highlighting the notes of each of these random minor chords, you get very haunting and Meandering Melody such as this.

This is similar to the effect. We hear in the Halloween theme song with minor chords modulating downward with no relationship to each other.

Next up is diminished chords. The diminished 7th. Chord all on its own is just a cluster of minor third interval stacked on top of each other all on its own. It sounds pretty demented.

But by taking diminished chords and playing them in higher and higher and versions We can create a feeling as if we're Rising towards some strange ominous place.

Another technique to keep your viewers on edge is to never musically resolve in music the idea of resolution refers to a feeling of completeness.

For example, if I play a harmonic minor scale all the way through by the time I get to the seventh note, your ear will automatically pull for the first note.

Once we get there we've achieved resolution this sense of satisfaction that we've arrived where we need to be now composers could subvert your subconscious by intentionally leaving phrases unresolved and taking you to places that you didn't necessarily expect.

So as your ear Pines for a specific note or chord you instead get delivered something that leaves you without a sense of peace.

And last but not least a great way to sound creepy is to use creepy-sounding instruments. Now this might sound basic but we're sort of pre programmed to accept certain instruments as creepy and spooky theremins have been used in sci-fi and horror film since their invention and the sound instantly reminds us of the Paranormal and extraterrestrial.

Plucked violins can give us the sound that something dangerous is creeping around like a batch of spiders hanging around and every corner of a cave.

Now, you might not be a musician or a composer yourself. But like with most things in art a lot of this is intuitive.

If you have a PC Mike and free software like audacity, you can record yourself moaning into the microphone and adding a lot of Reverb then maybe try and take some sounds and reverse them like the sounds of wind chimes or clinking coins. And then lastly maybe add some Whispers on top and see what you get.

Thank you for watching. Thank you for watching.



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