The two-handed tapping technique

This lesson is a detailed guide to get you started on learning the two-handed tapping technique for guitar. There are two important skills that must be learned first: left hand legato, and the right hand tap. After that, we will break down the most common tapping pattern (heard in Van Halen’s “Eruption,” Metallica’s “One,” and countless other tracks) into three simple steps.

After learning how to synch up our practice with a metronome, we will then explore different patterns of varying difficulty, including 4-note sixteenth note patterns, 5 note quintuplet patterns, and 6-note sextuplet patterns.
A small amount of music theory will also be taught relating to minor and major arpeggios, which are the most common way to perform tapping sequences. However, you are encouraged to EXPERIMENT with new shapes, patterns, strings, etc.

Included with this lesson is a backing track using the chords Em-G-A-C. Try using the skills taught in this lesson to create a tapped arpeggio sequence that matches each chord.

Also included is a 2 page PDF detailing the steps to tapping, arpeggio theory, and tabs/music for the tapping patterns.

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