Remixing Adam Neely into Lo Fi Jazz Hip Hop [HOW TO]

The first step was to steal Adam Neely's stuff and to do that. I found the video I wanted to steal and in my browser. I just deleted the letters Ube from the link and what that does is it takes you to a site that will allow you to download that entire video as just an audio form or a lower resolution video form.


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The transitional State wakefulness and sleep beep beep So For Better or For Worse, that's now a thing on the internet. If you don't know who Adam Neely is I'm sure that video is really confusing but you really should check out his stuff. He's a YouTuber. He's a musician and he's got some great educational videos. I can't tell you how much I've learned from his channel and how much I've been inspired by his channel and that's what this video is kind of a testament to a while back. He did a video called. All the music theory of vaporwave in which he talks about plunder phonics the idea of taking somebody else's thing stealing it and kind of repurposing it and repackaging it into your own unique distinct kind of art.

So I decided to steal his video on plunder phonics and repurpose it into this Lo-Fi jazz song very meta. All right. I also stole some of his other music from his channel. He did a song where he wrote an entire piece on a Casio keyboard, and he used all Twelve Minor chords, so I used That as basically the foundation of the entire beat that you heard now, I'm not going to walk you through every single step I took to make this but I do want to give you a rundown of how I was able to make this because to me this was always like my favorite kind of YouTube going back, you know stuff like the whistles Go whoo, bubb-rubb ain't nobody got time for that anything that Auto-Tune the News has done that's like my favorite kind of YouTube right there where you take a video and you turn it into music and I don't have a lot of experience doing that. So this was kind of a project in plunder. Fauna kicking. Adam Neely's video into a genre that I kind of enjoy which is that Lo-Fi Jazz hip-hop.

So let's talk about how I actually did this. The first step was to steal Adam Neely's stuff and to do that. I found the video I wanted to steal and in my browser. I just deleted the letters Ube from the link and what that does is it takes you to a site that will allow you to download that entire video as just an audio form or a lower resolution video form.

So I stole both videos.

I took the Casio Keyboard part out.

It and then slowed it down substantially because that gave me that Lo-Fi weird vaporwave feel that I was going for once I slow down that beat I chopped it into just a to cord section. I didn't want to have to go through all Twelve Minor chords like Adam did and then I put a high-pass filter on that track after I chopped it up. Now with this did is it basically completely removed the kick drum and it also removed the base note and the bass note is what we're giving. was cords context So without the bass note, I was free to re harmonize some of those notes and turn it into its own cord. So for example, like the first chord you're hearing here after it's been slow down as a B-flat minor.

But if I do a high pass filter on there and get rid of that bass note, I am free to put in a d flat note on the base and surrounded with the notes of the d flat major 7 and now all of a sudden that chord starts to have the context of a d flat major 7 with an added sixth in there.

So now my chord progression was basically d flat major 7 2 C Minor 7, which was a weird chord progression to start off with I arranged that chord progression for jazz guitar and then played it really fast and then slowed it down. So it ended up at the right key and at the right tempo.

Once again that gave you that choppy weird Lo-Fi field from there. I added in a kick drum to a pattern of my liking and I also reinforce the snare drum that was in the original Casio Keyboard part. And then I added in a really simple bass line. It's basically just a synth bass that Blast away at the root note and then occasionally there's a little descending arpeggio in there.

But would help me get that. Lo-Fi sound going here was to really sidechain compress everything every time that kick drum hits. You're going to hear the bass gets duck down in the mix that could Target to duck down in the mix and that's just one of those things. I've heard a lot in that Lo-Fi music. So I figured I would just implement it here.

Also, one of those signature characteristics of that Lo-Fi music is that the kick drum is usually off time. It's usually a little late on the beat. So I did just slide everything over a tiny amount to kind of give it that disjointed loaf, I feel so Give me the instrumental track. All right, but it doesn't explain. How did I get Adam's voice to actually be Musical and get the video to sink in there. Well, once I had my song that was composed off the Casio keyboard thing. I imported that into a video editing timeline and then I grabbed the vaporwave video with Adam Neely and I just started chopping up parts that I thought might work. For example, when he says the word vaporwave, I thought that would work as it's three nice syllables vaporwave vaporwave. So I took that I put it in on the one beats and it happened to be nice and in time there were other parts that were In time though like that phrase, he uses the transitional State between wakefulness and sleep.

That's not metronomic. 'l so what I had to do was kind of put some gaps in between his speaking. So it actually fell on the beats and therefore sounded a little bit more musical after that. I added in some more little samples of video that I thought would work musically and then I exported all of that audio into Ableton as its own track from there. I was able to do pitch correction. I was able to add vocal effects compression Equalization delay all that sort of stuff to make his Has voiced sound not just like it's a voice speaking into a microphone but something more musical.

So there it is the process that I took to turn add a melee into a low fiber Jazz Singer.

I don't know if this is the most efficient process to take, you know, this isn't really my skillset music defying videos, but it was really fun. I learned a few things in it and I got a cool Lo-Fi be out of it and in the off chance that Adam Neely actually sees this video while I hope you take it as a compliment because that is what it is intended to be. So I hope you enjoyed this video and I hope you learned something from it if you did enjoy this video. Oh, of course, you can like subscribe comment, or you can check out my patreon and support me there. Thanks for watching and I'll see you soon.


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