Train Your Ear - Intervals on Guitar - Major 2nd

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Our next interval is a minor 3rd and that is a 3 fret distance or a distance of three half steps on our guitar.

You might recognize this as something that looks like the beginning of March pentatonic minor scale where you start on a note and then you move three Frets over that is a minor 3rd pretty common stuff on the guitar.

However, we could play it like this instead. Imagine. I put my ring finger on a on the 5th fret I could just come back two Frets and put my first finger on that next. That's all I can do that in the next two strings, too. Also create a minor third interval and again on the next two strings when I'm on the third and fourth second string I can just do these two Frets. That would be my fifth fret and then again on the first two strings. I've got my ring finger in my first finger that gives me my minor so minor thirds are pretty cool. I personally think that they are very distinct sounding I think this is an easy one to just kind of have a ring like a bell when you hear it and let's just take a listen to it if I just start I'll start here. D. Alright, so if you listen to those two tones next to each other, what do they remind you of what do they make you say, you know here or Envision and whatever that is. I really want you to use that as your link to this interval. All right me personally, I hear Brahms Lullaby which is I think it's definitely a lullaby but I hear that minor third.

Really almost every time as that lullabies.

It's very soft. It's very smooth. I just think it's a fairly pleasing interval all around but it does actually have some rock characteristics. So I want to talk a little bit about some of the songs you may have heard that start off with a minor third. Probably the most famous example is like the first song you ever learned Smoke on the Water starts off with a minor third interval it goes from the zero for at to the third fret. All right that distance right? There is a minor 3rd.

So Iron Man is also a minor third interval and it starts off in this is in the key of B.

I am Iron Man, but the I am that's a minor third.

All right, and as a guitar player, I already mentioned that it starts off your pentatonic scale. So you might be familiar with that.

However, if you're already familiar with your Triads your Minor triad, this is the first two notes of a minor try this is a room and a flatted 3rd. So if you've already been practicing arpeggios and stuff like this where it goes 1 flat 3 5 Then you should recognize his first two notes as the first two notes that start off a minor arpeggio as well that minor third interval. So I think this is a pretty easy one to here and it's one you're going to see all the time as a guitar player in a lot of different variations.

So I think that's enough for this one. Let's move on to our next interval which is a major third.


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