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  • Mar 26, 2020

Hey, I'm Jake lizzio. And in this video we're going to talk about the phrygian scale. What is it? And how do we build it? And where have we heard this before an actual music and then we'll also talk about what we can do is composers to get the most out of the scale and really kind of enjoy some of the awesome flavor that's imbued into it. So let's get started phrygian is really easy to understand if you already know what a minor scale is.

So all we have to do to make a phrygian scale is take a minor scale and then flat that second note and the example will do is a I'm going to build a phrygian and I want Start by thinking of a minor a minor is just ABCDEFG.

If I take my second note, which was be in a flat it then I have a B flat c d so pretty simple scale to be able to build if you compare it to minor if you compare it to Major. I want you to think about the scale degrees. We have a one a flat to a flat three of four a five a flat 6 flat 7, and maybe you can here already. The phrygian has got a dark sound to it. You're the tension that exists there in my route and my flat to right there. There's a lot of nastiness right there. That's like the Jaws theme song is just back and forth between us a minor second like that.

So having that to kick off our scale is going to really color everything we do in phrygian and I want you to listen to some of the examples of where phrygians actually used. I can't give you full examples of songs that are in phrygian that doesn't really commonly happen and I couldn't find any examples of it, but it's pretty That we use little bits of the scale or little sections that are in phrygian because it has such a dark quality to it. The first example I'll give you is from Symphony of Destruction by Megadeth the rift there sounds like this.

So that would be e phrygian were using an E and F and a g and our tonal center right? There is easy. We've also got the notes B and C surrounding there. So all the notes of e phrygian surrounding right there focusing on E. Also Missy Elliott has a song called get your freak on in the main riff. There is one two and three and four one two, and three and four.

And that's an F to a g flat to a see so I've got a root of flat to and 1/5 now. That's only two three different notes. So I mean that's not enough to spell out a whole scale. But if you listen to the other notes in that track, there's some synth layers that come in and even some of the vocal layers it all adds up to being an f phrygian and it gives it a really dark creepy sound notice that even the imagery in that music video. Not of its bright or Cheerios all really dark spooky Halloween style stuff a lot of electronic music started using phrygian in the flat to specifically to kind of create a Kerfield the early example I could find of this is an awesome song called never come back by cast product. It's got that classic early cheesy synth line in phrygian, and it really gives it this like comically dark sound effects and later on. I started hearing this crop up more in psychedelic trance that flat to creates a lot of anxiety and tension used by bands. Like astral projection or Shpongle the example I'm going to give you is a song called searching for UFOs.



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