The Modes of Major

Hey, it's me Jake. I actually do believe in this product because I spent the last three months developing it into a poster that I would want as a teacher when I was teaching all these years, and as a student too, to have something to refer back to. This poster contains all the technical information you would want. It has the:
Roman numeral chord formulas
Half Step / Whole Step formulas
Movable scale shapes just for guitar in standard notation
Information on what that scale feels like and sounds like
some suggested chord progressions for each mode

But my favorite element is definitely the art of my local friends and artists here to give me visual interpretations of what they thought the mode looks like or how could they represent those modes individual fashion. I really tried to stress on this channel that each mode has its own flavor... its own unique characteristics.

I really hope the poster helps you out in writing, inspires some awesome chord progressions, I’ve really worked hard on this. Thanks for watching!

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